P.O. Box 908, San Bruno, CA 94066

​Office: 877-553-1192

Services Offered

Labor Referral

Concept Services refers and provides union labor in the San francisco Bay Area for your corporate, trade, entertainment, convention, construction, theatrical, concert, film and production management needs.

Payroll Service

Concept Services payroll services provides all inclusive rates. These rates include payroll, workers comp insurance, health and welfare, pension/401k, employer tax and unemployment if and when applicable.

Labor & Production Management

Concept Services can provide on-site labor and/or production management to fit your needs no matter how large or small.

Union Contracts

Concept Services does hold union contracts for many different labor organizations. Whether you are in need of a project, term, or general collective bargaining agreement Concept Services can help you get going in the right direction.


P.O. Box 908, San Bruno, CA 94066

Office: 877-553-1192   Fax: 877-500-9156